Accessible Reader is a reading application for android platform. It supports Hindi, English and other Indian regional languages. With the help of this application you will be able to read your txt, rtf, doc, docx & pdf files with complete navigation. The application is now available free of cost on Playstore. It's link is given below: 

Features of Accessible Reader:

1.    Change your navigation mode between word, sentence, paragraph and page.

2.    Go to the desired page instantly with the help of "go to page" option.

3.    Repeat command repeats the word, line, paragraph or page at which the current navigation is set to.

4.    Increase or decrease the reading speed instantly.

5.    Play/Pause button.

6.    Read All button. It would start the reading continuously.

7.    Status. It displays the percentage of the file you have read.

8.    Page. It displays on which page you currently are

9.    It keeps the history of last 10 files which you have opened and remembers the position on which you closed the file and would resume from the same place.

10.  It remembers the navigation mode, TTS engine and your reading speed which you were using for that particular file.

11.  Select the TTS engine and voice for that particular file before opening.

12.  Copy: Copy the particular word, sentence, paragraph and page

14.  Spell: It will spell out the current word, sentence, paragraph and page


The advantage of reading your books in android phone is:

1.    Eloquence TTS is used by maximum all the individuals. But it is not available on any daisy player or ebook reader. Therefore you can use Eloquence TTS to read your English documents.

2.    The Hindi TTS provided by Google & Nuance Lekha is also available on Android and you can use it for reading of Hindi documents.


We welcome any improvement or suggestion required and would happy to implement in our application.


Note: If you are using Talkback, do not select the same TTS engine as that currently used in Talkback as one TTS engine cannot be used by two applications at the same time.


In case of any query or pricing required please contact us