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Basic-D V5


Basic-D V5 is a small yet powerful braille printer. The utilization of double-sided fanfold paper makes this desktop braille embosser great for braille in the classroom, office or at home, all for an attractive low price


Everest-D V5 


For Outstanding Braille and Tactile Graphic Production with printing speed of 300 pages per hour. Designed to run long hours and produce outstanding results, the Columbia is perfect for universities and school districts.




Braille Box V5

The new high-speed production braille embosser now offering web interface, an automated braille tray, Wi-Fi, portable device printing and embossing speed of up to 30% faster than V4.


FanFold-D V5

FanFold-D V5 the new high-speed production braille embosser based on the well-proven BrailleBox V5 technology platform. It combines excellent dot quality, high speed, low maintenance cost all to a competitive price.