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The Interpoint 55 electronic Braille embosser has been designed for reliable, economical practical and high-quality Braille production. The embosser is computer controlled and easy to operate. In the design, special attention was given to productivity, quality and safety of operation.



Economy of paper

The Interpoint 55 embosses text on plain paper from reels without tractor feed, folds or perforations.

This saves paper as no pin feed holes are needed. After embossing, pages are cut to the correct width by a sturdy yet simple built-in cutting mechanism. Paper on reels tends to be curved more towards the center of the reel. The Interpoint 55 has a built-on decurler that makes the curved paper flat again before embossing. This allows using all of the paper on the reel.

Economy of operation
The Interpoint 55 embosser is computer controlled. Immediately after the text is put on the computer, the printing can be started. Multiple copies of a document can be printed one at a time so that no collating of pages is needed afterwards.

High production rate
The Interpoint 55 prints up to 800 characters per second in 6-dot Braille which amounts to 2000 pages A4 per hour.


Mechanical quality
The Interpoint 55 is characterized by having few moving parts. Mechanical wear is highly reduced by the design principle of the moving matrix: moving parts are free of stress, parts under stress stand still.

Electronics quality
Computer-designed printed circuits and oversize power components give longer life. The electronic reliability of the Interpoint 55 embosser is enhanced by high efficiency and cool operation.

Embossing quality
The relief produced by the Interpoint 55 is of high quality. Braille dots are nicely round shaped, have constant height and are perfectly aligned in a fixed matrix with basic cell size of 2.5 mm. This relief is stable and does not require adjustments over the entire interval of service.


The electronic circuits are fed from a low voltage transformer and thus effectively insulated from the mains. All doors are equipped with safety interlocks. The cutting device and motor belts are shielded.



Sideways printing
The Interpoint 55 embosser introduced the principle of sideways embossing. With sideways embossing, a page is printed column by column from left to right, instead of top to bottom. Starting from reels of continuous paper, a page can therefore be as wide as needed; there is no mechanical limitation on the maximum number of characters printed on a line.

The Interpoint 55 embosser can print both single sided (Recto or Verso) and double sided Braille (Recto/Verso).


Output page format
The output page format is software defined. The build-in cutter will cut the paper to single pages or double pages (magazine style). In magazine style, there are 4 text pages on a sheet, with a programmable fold pattern in the middle of the sheet to make the folding of the sheet easier. In magazine style, our driver software can split a book automatically in quires (signatures).

The Interpoint 55 embosser is a graphical embosser, printing dots on paper or plastic. The software determines which dots are printed where, making it possible to print graphics and larger spaced Braille (jumbo) as well as Braille.








Paper Cart PK55
The Paper cart type PK55 is able to carry reels of paper of up to 1 meter diameter.

Smoothly rolling on wheels, the cart can be moved around to pick up a reel of paper and position it in front of the Interpoint 55 embosser. Mounting paper reels onto the PK55 is easy: by a simple step on the foot pedal, even heavy paper reels are lifted in a fraction of a second without effort.


Interpoint 55 technical specifications

Printing speed

25 strokes per second which can result in up to 800 characters per second in 6-dot Braille or
2000 pages A4 per hour.

Page format
Software defined: - number of characters per line: max. unlimited
- number of lines per page in 6-dot Braille: max. 32
- programmable margins
- Single sided or double sided Braille
- Single pages or Magazine style (4 pages to a sheet with programmable
fold pattern, automatic book division in quires (signatures) possible)

Braille cell and dot size
Dot diameter : 1.5 0.1 mm
Cell dot distance : 2.5 mm
Character spacing : programmable, default 6.3 mm
Line spacing : - 6-dot Braille: 10 mm
- 8-dot Braille: 12.5 mm

Braille paper

Reels on core, no pin feed, no perforations, no folds
Specific weight : 120 to 200 g/m
Core opening : 60 to 80 mm (70 is standard)
Diameter of reels : max. 1 m
Width of reels : max. 34 cm

Power Supply
207/220/230V 5%, 50/60 Hz, 10A single phase fused at 20A

Noise level
Standby : Silent
Printing : 78 dbA

Data transmission
Interface : RS232C Serial 25-pin female connector. or USB through USB to Serial adapter.





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