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The Seika Braille Display from M/s Nippon Telesoft Co. Ltd., Japan is the most desired Braille Display, not just in terms of economy but also in terms of efficiency and output. It has a Display System of 8 dots Braille with a Display Capacity of 40 cells. It has 8 cursor keys and its light and compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere. It is compatible with software's like Dolphin Hal, Dolphin Supernova, Virgo, Jaws, Window-eye and has the interface support of a USB power source connection thus eliminating the need for an extra adapter.


 Display system  8 dots Braille
 Display capacity  40 cells
 Cursor key  8 keys
 Touch cursor key  40 keys
 Character code  original code
 Interface  USB
 Power supply  bus power
 Size  13(W)4(D)1(H)inches
 Weight  600g




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