Tamil OCR - Text Recognition for Tamil Documents

TamilOCR converts printed Tamil into digital text documents in Unicode encoding.
Digitized texts can be stored in different output formats including plain Unicode UTF-8 or RTF (Rich Text Format), and can be opened with text editors such as OpenOffice or Microsoft Word for further processing.
TamilOCR yields accurate results for a wide range of modern Hindi fonts without training, saving the time otherwise needed to type Devanagari texts.

Key features of Tamil OCR

  • High recognition accuracy and speed
  • Built-in classifiers for letters in modern Tamil texts - no training necessary!
  • Unicode output
  • Batch recognition: Import large numbers of images, and have them recognized "at one go".
  • Directory processing: OCR complete directories.
  • Training option for unusual and rare fonts
  • Processes standard image formats (bmp, jpg, png, tiff, gif).
  • We recommend using the program on Windows 7®. Tested on Windows XP®, SP31



    Click Here to download the demo of Tamil OCR

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