The Typing Tutor speaks to you as it guides you around the computer keyboard. It introduces you to all the keys available, and will then help you become a confident and accurate keyboard user. It gives you spoken information and requests key input tasks from you. Donít worry about making mistakes Ė the Tutor is there to tell you where you went wrong, and to give you guidance in finding the keys to press.

Typing skills and computer familiarity are the pre-requisites for computer use. Without those core keyboard skills, you are denying yourself access to the powers and capabilities of the computer that are released through innumerable applications for pleasure, education and business. Now is the time to be gaining keyboard skills!

Although specifically designed for the visually impaired computer user, the Typing Tutor will be a valuable learning tool for anyone who is new to the computer keyboard and appreciates spoken guidance. Whether visually impaired or not, entrust yourself to the Typing Tutor and you will gain the skills needed to user the computer keyboard with confidence whatever your requirements.

After starting with a guided tour of the computer keyboard, the Tutor progresses through a number of graded lessons. Those lessons introduce the home keys, and then the other alphabetic keys. You will learn to find the number and punctuation keys and where to find the number pad and system keys. The user is introduced to the creation of capital letters and to text formatting. Later lessons give you keyboard experience for the faster, accurate typing needed to use a word-processor successfully.

Whether your requirement is to gain the confidence needed to use a computer for pleasure, entertainment or education, or whether your need is vocational or for business the Typing Tutor is just for you!


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