Slim, sleek and beautiful, the Smart Beetle is the perfect complement to your smartphone or tablet for Braille access on the go. Small enough to hold in your hand, operate up to 6 devices at once. Use it as a traditional Braille display, or use the Braille keyboard like a QWERTY keyboard with our patented Bluetooth keyboard function.



Sleek and slim
Measuring just 4.59" x 2.34" and weighing only 0.617 lbs, the Smart Beetle can fit anywhere you can store or carry a 5”smartphone.

Connect to up to 6 devices at once
With 1 USB and 5 Bluetooth simultaneous connections, have instant Braille access to all of your devices, easily switching between them on the fly.

Compatibility with major screen readers across multiple platforms
Smart Beetle is compatible with most major screen readers for Windows, Mac, android and iOS.

Unique Bluetooth keyboard function
Allows you to use your Braille keyboard to emulate a standard Bluetooth QWERTY connection for operation of devices that do not support Braille input. 

Combination Mode
Lets you use both the Braille display and Bluetooth keyboard connection with the same device, and instantly switch input to the Keyboard Mode when using the screen reader interface is not convenient.

Long Battery life
A 24-hour battery life ensures uninterrupted Braille access to all your devices, no matter how long you are out and about.






Braille display

14 refreshable Braille cells

Keyboard type

9-key Perkins style


2 scroll keys and 4 function keys


USB 2.0 / Bluetooth 2.1


Computers :  System Access (via Bluetooth), JAWS, Window-Eyes, SuperNova, NVDA, COBRA, VoiceOver for Mac 
Mobile : Mobile Accessibility and BrailleBack for Android, VoiceOver for i devices


6 simultaneous connections (5 Bluetooth and 1 USB)

Bluetooth keyboard

Bluetooth keyboard function to use Braille keys to emulate QWERTY keystrokes

Audio alert

Power on/off, Bluetooth connection/disconnection, etc


Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery

24 hours battery life

4.5 hours charge time

Battery level indicator

LED light for battery status (red/green)


Carrying case (optional)


149 x 86 x 27 mm

5.86 x 3.38 x 1.06"


280g / 0.617 lbs



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