Readit - magnify, read, re-format, import, export, save, bookmark... all in a portable, stylish product!

What is Readit?

Readit is a highly advanced portable autoreader / CCTV system for close up work.

Weighing just 690 grams (1.1 lbs) it is the ideal solution for computer users of all ability levels.

Simply place your document under the camera, press Enter on your keyboard and a few seconds later, your document is being read aloud to you, in your chosen text size, colour and formatting. Reading couldn't be easier!

Who is Readit for?

Readit is for any visually impaired or blind computer user (not advanced!), who wants near instant, easy and accurate access to printed or electronic format documents.

It has been specifically designed for the requirements of students, business professionals and anyone on the move with a laptop PC.

However, it also makes an ideal desktop solution that can easily be moved between locations (e.g. home and work).

Its pull out positioning guide also allows users with no vision at all to perfectly place and capture their documents.

Readit could be the ideal system for you if you:

What are Readit benefits?

Readit features many benefits over standard video magnifiers and digital capture systems including:


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